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CambridgeSide Galleria is a 900,000 sq.ft. enclosed urban shopping center, located in the heart of the high-tech/bio-tech business community in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. With two of the nations top educational institutions located within a five mile radius and a trade area of more than 880,832 households, we boast a young and culturally diverse adult demographic and generate traffic of more than 10 million visitors per year. CambridgeSide Galleria's customer base is made up of four distinct markets: area office workers, local college students, tourists and residents.

Sampling and Couponing:
CambridgeSide Galleria provides an excellent opportunity to distribute thousands of samples and gain one-on-one access to your target market. Your product will be showcased to a captive audience, allowing potential customers to see, touch and interact with a product and provide invaluable information and generate sales. Sampling and tabling opportunities usually take place at the entrance to the heavily trafficked Food Court on Level 1 for maximum exposure (based upon availability). Contact the Mall Marketing Department 617.621.8668 to get your On-Mall Sampling program underway today.

Mall Tours & Events:
You supply the tour or event, we supply the audience. CambridgeSide Galleria is the perfect venue to host your touring event, show or program. Our highly trafficked Food Court area can accommodate relatively large sized events or displays.

Automotive Programs/Promotions:
If you want to impact your dealership's traffic and sales, let CambridgeSide Galleria be a showcase for your vehicles. CambridgeSide attracts thousands of shoppers daily, shoppers who are also drivers. In-mall vehicle displays allow you to introduce new models, increase brand awareness, identify qualified leads, and even offer on-site test drives. And our marketing support will provide you with display opportunities, in-mall advertising, event sponsorship, exterior signage, and more. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let CambridgeSide help turn our shoppers into your customers.

Please contact the Mall Marketing Department at 617.621.8668 for further information.

Partnership Opportunities

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CambridgeSide offers innovative marketing strategies for promoting a business or product. Our programs, which include sponsorship, events, signage and collateral opportunities, provide highly effective marketing tools for increasing visibility among mall shoppers. Featuring over 120 great stores, boutiques and restaurants, CambridgeSide boasts more than 10 million visits every year. Our marketing opportunities allow you to choose which programs will best enable you to reach this large and diverse customer base. For information about availability of in-mall signage and collateral please email us at


INTENT: By virtue of their presence in a mall, shoppers have already expressed a willingness to buy. In contrast, other media forms confront the consumer at any moment of their day.

IMMEDIACY: Unlike print or broadcast ads, malls provide immediate gratification, reaching shoppers when they are at the point of purchase.

INTERACTIVITY: In malls, knowledgeable sales staff can answer questions, a distinct advantage over canned print and broadcast ads. Prompt, immediate feedback can convert an inquiry into a sale, and a potential objection into a selling point. For other businesses, simply allowing customers to see, touch and interact with the product can be invaluable.

AUDIENCE: Malls reach a defined, highly attractive demographic audience that appeals to sponsors looking for efficient communications.

Quoted from a publication of RCT Analytics