Green Initiatives

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, CambridgeSide Galleria is implementing new and enhancing ongoing green initiatives.

In 2015, CambridgeSide has recycled over 343.5 tons of paper, plastic, glass and other consumable materials. According to CambridgeSide's recycling partner, Save That Stuff Inc., CambridgeSide's consumable recycling efforts have saved more than 4,865 adult trees, 1,144 cubic yards of landfill space, and 1,717,403 kilowatts of electricity or 1,011 barrels of oil in 2015. In addition to recycling consumable products, CambridgeSide has also composted over 212 tons of organic material.

Finding ways to be more environmentally conscious is an ongoing process. Below is a sampling of CambridgeSide's green initiatives:

Recycling and Utilizing Recycled Materials

  • Recycling Program - Utilizing recycling bins in mall, Food Court, stores and back of house areas to recycle paper, cardboard, glass/plastic bottle & cans
  • Store recycling program encouraged by Mall Management
  • Recycled office supplies utilized by Mall Management
  • Marketing materials printed on recycle paper when appropriate

Support Alternative Modes of Transportation

  • Bike racks
  • Charles River Transportation Management Association Membership
  • CambridgeSide Galleria Shuttle Bus to MBTA Red Line
  • MBTA Pass Subsidy - Reduced cost for CambridgeSide Galleria employees
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Carpool parking rate
  • Mass transportation information available at the Welcome Center
  • Telecommuting/flexible work hours for Mall Management employees
  • Zipcar available on site
  • Electric vehicle charging stations available on site
  • Hubway Station

Energy Management and Light Pollution Reduction

  • Energy Management System that is computer based maximizing energy efficiency of lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Emergency signage retrofitted with LED fixtures.
  • Garage and common area soffits, back of the house areas and offices retrofitted with high efficiency T-8 Fluorescents/Eco Rated Lamps
  • Lighting motion controlled in low traffic areas
  • Over 9,000 incandescent lightbulbs replaced with super efficient LED bulbs.
  • To date, 85% of the malls membrane roof has been replaced with a new high solar reflective material
  • Ongoing energy efficiency upgrades made to rooftop HVAC units

Green Cleaning Program

  • Use of green cleaning products
  • Implementing green certified cleaning machines as needed
  • Integrated pest management program

Water Performance Measurement

  • Monitor building and submetering daily to reduce water waste


  • Tree preservation in Canal Park
  • Live plants throughout interior of mall to improve air quality
  • Reduced reliance on gas powered security vehicles by utilizing electric Segways
  • Fuel efficient golf carts utilized by security and housekeeping departments
  • Heat Island Reduction through underground and covered parking areas totaling more than 95% of total parking capacity

Join us in our commitment to the environment. Every little bit helps! Please recycle your glass/plastic bottles, cans and paper when visiting CambridgeSide Galleria.